Corporate Branding

Corporate Branding is a critical step for any business. Not getting it right could mean risking your brand's identity, recall and how your brand is perceived.
  • Corporate Logo: Logo is a picture which describes the story of any brand’s culture, its behavior and value system. Viral Baap specializes in providing you an integral part of corporate identity by converting your brand’s values into a pictorial representation.
  • Corporate Positioning: Positioning helps in placing you at a prominent position in the minds of stakeholders. We help you establish your image in the minds of every single stakeholder that works with you.
  • Corporate Stationery: Stationery is a strong branding which puts the brand across different platform. We design these strong but subtle tools of communication that voice the ideologies of your brand.

  • Corporate Website: A website is the main deciding factor which provides the customer with an initial impression of your brand. We help you create an excellent first impression.
  • Corporate Brochure: Corporate Brochure gives a complete account of your services and products. We create engaging and informative profiles that create a positive impact in the minds of your important stakeholders.
  • Employee Branding: Employee branding is an activity that boosts a corporate's brand equity. We create a value based concept for the employees as well as the employers so that the firm remains a positive place to be in.
  • Corporate Communication: Corporate communication consists of the internal and external communication to all the stakeholders of a company. We ensure that the communication and tone your firm speaks is concise, clear and elevates the spirits of everyone associated with your brand.
  • Annual Report: An annual report is an exhaustive summary of company's activities throughout the preceding year. We design creative, experiential and intriguing annual reports that excite the mind of the readers, and align them to the ambitions and aspirations of the enterprise.

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