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Get insights into your existing online strategy and presence Your website is up, you have some traffic and some leads. But is it able to create the right amount of interest among people or are you getting the right questions from your audience? You have spent a lot of money launching a product, but is there enough hysteria around it? You have social media presence on all platforms but is it really helping your business? Are you on the right channels? Are your email-marketing campaigns allowing you to communicate with your intended audience? Get all these questions answered with Viral Baap’s Digital Audit and Strategy services. We help you reach your business goals by providing top quality services. Viral Baap’s expertise in digital marketing services enables you to find the right direction for digital marketing of your brand. We audit your ongoing initiatives along the guidelines of your business goals. This provides you a good understanding of your brand’s overall online scenario.
Using our services, you will learn:
  • How you can improve your web presence by abiding to a targeted focus area which is relevant to your business and results in increased relevant enquiries
  • Which are the different social media and other web channels on which you can focus
  • What are the effective ways to plan your digital marketing expenditure
Business benefits of using our services:
  • Well defined marketing plan: No more ambiguity. Everything – from the marketing efforts to the ROI, gets measured which makes your digital marketing experience more effective.
  • Business clarity: Complete clarity on your business performance. This often results in you tweaking your business decisions little bit, like pushing a product more, or deciding to discontinue another altogether.
  • Ideal resource utilization: You get a better understanding of how to use your resources for growth and vitality in business.
How we create value?
Conducting a complete Digital Marketing Audit for your company could reveal possible caveats and loopholes in your marketing strategy that are stopping your business from realizing its full potential online. Some of the numerous possibe errors include - certain UI/UX bottlenecks that are leading to high bounce rates and reduced leads on your website, content marketing flaws, outdated or incorrect SEO practices being followed, not using the correct medium for conveying critical information, mistakes on social media platforms, missing or incorrect customer segmentation database- something that really weighs down your ROI and drives away even the most loyal customers. Addressing such issues can help your business grow to its full potential and give you a bang for your buck when it comes to your marketing spends.

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Viral Baap delivers digital marketing driven by our inbound ideology to enable companies to grow. Our content-centric approach coupled with the power of influencers, guided by the inbound ideology and leveraging a sound tech backbone provides the ideal platform for our clients to build brands that'll stand the test of time.

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