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Creating Value for Your Customers
Thanks to social media, it has actually become a small world. But it has its cons too. Due to easy access and virtually zero barriers to entry, social media has become a playground for brands and businesses to advertise. It is imperative that your brand is able to rise above the noise and reach out to its prospective customers, in the most organic way, that is centered around creating value for your customers. The millenials have been marketed to for almost 3 decades now and have learned to differentiate promotional content from genuine content. Inbound Marketing comes to your rescue here. Here’s how it works:

Attract: Trust is the biggest factor that leads a person to make a purchase. We, at Viral Baap Marketing Solutions help understand your target audience better and build a customer persona. This is a big step towards discovering answers to questions like, what they like/dislike, what they are looking for online, where do they spend their time, how much are they willing to spend on the product/service you are providing, where are they most likely to come across your content etc. Giving them the information they need, helps establish trust and respect for your brand which goes a long way in eventually converting them to a customer.
Convert: Once you have their trust and they look upto to your brand with respect, it is highly likely that they land up on your website whenever they need to purchase the product/service your are providing. You have already made a great first impression and they are inclined to patronize you. We create tactically sound user experience that helps them explore your capabilities. A well-placed form or a call to action at the right place can really drive up your ROI.
Close: This is the time when your audience is in need of your product and all your hard work is ready to pay off. Fire up your promotional content, shoot discounts and money-back guarantees because they'll gladly pounce on the discount and make the purchase.
Delight: The real victory though, happens once your customers are delighted. Make sure you deliver the best in class product/service to delight your customers. They play an important role in your brand's success story, testimony to the prodcut/service you provide, equivalent of an on-ground sales force. They are like your brand's advocates spreading the word about you through personal recommendations which are worth much more than the biggest hoardings.

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Viral Baap delivers digital marketing driven by our inbound ideology to enable companies to grow. Our content-centric approach coupled with the power of influencers, guided by the inbound ideology and leveraging a sound tech backbone provides the ideal platform for our clients to build brands that'll stand the test of time.

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