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How do I rank my website better on Google, Yahoo or Bing? There are people who wish to win customers online with minimum cash spend, asking this question every single day. The answer to this query can be clearly explained by using the techniques of Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process which involves usage of a set of techniques performed together to gain popularity online. These techniques help you achieve top rankings on search engines. Search Engine Optimization can be classified into - On Page factors and Off Page factors.
On page factors:
  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Content creation and optimization with anchor text
  • Internal Linking
  • Better URL structure
  • Site-map submission
  • Website optimization– meta tags, descriptions, titles, HTML and images optimization
  • Robots file/ Tags creation
  • Search Engine submissions and authentication
  • Using webmaster tools
Off Page Factors:
  • Directory submissions
  • Articles submissions
  • Blog Marketing
  • Forum Marketing
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Link prospecting
  • Q/A submissions on Yahoo, Quora
  • Social Networking
  • Press Releases
  • Review all above submissions
  • Submission to Local Listings
  • Cross linking
Ranking your website higher using SEO - We manage the following: PAY PER CLICK ADVERTISING
With PPC or Search Engine Marketing, you can achieve better sales results and better revenue. It increases your business presence online accessible to for your prospective customers. Out team at Viral Baap is expert in generating relevant leads through pay per click techniques for any business. This sounds very interesting but for executing an effective and profitable PPC advertising campaign it is imperative that you answer the following questions:
  • What are users searching for online?
  • Budgeting for Advertisements?
  • What should customers see on your advertisement?
  • Where should customers go after clicking?
  • How to optimize it?
Viral Baap is a top notch Search Engine Marketing company in Gurugram which has a passionate team of professional digital marketers which ensures all these elements are taken care of. With our expertise you can be ensured of more customers coming to your website, availing your services or buying your products and putting in more money into your pockets. Pay Per Click ads shows quick results as we optimize the campaign, which comes in handy for websites which do not have SEO presence since search engine optimization can take time to optimize and is a long term process. Process followed by our team to create effective PPC campaigns:
  • Product research
  • Keyword research
  • Selecting relevant keywords
  • Create campaign based on similar keywords and adequate match types
  • Create relevant ad copies
  • Create bid strategy
  • Create effective landing pages with effective Call to Actions
  • Optimize bit by bit by checking performance
  • Check and analyze performance
If you wish to generate quality leads for your business and get more sales online, PPC advertising is the immediate solution for you. With Viral Baap Marketing Solutions, a leading pay per click company in Gurugram, you can be assured of more business and more revenue. Connect with us and get a comprehensive solution to quality lead generation today.

What is your objective behind search engine marketing and search engine optimization? We list down your business objectives whether it is to increase relevant traffic from the a specific location, engage fruitfully with your email and blog subscribers, get more enquiries for your services, generate leads, and eventually lead to business growth and create a brand for your business. Analytics plays a pivotal role in achieving this. It provides answers to every query involved in the processes of search engine marketing and search engine optimization. This involves research and endless data crunching. Then you can strategize and re-strategize your digital marketing initiatives. The efficiency of analytics stands on usage world-standard methods and tools used for the likes of A/B testing. Content plays an important role for successful implementation of SEO & Search Engine Marketing. We also use heat maps to measure the effectiveness of the website. These methods contribute to making your digital marketing initiatives a success.

Business Benefits
  • Relevant search results: A SEO friendly website and a genuine digital marketing initiatives will definitely improve the search results for your brand. Viral Baap will lead you to more business opportunities.
  • Highest Return On Investment - marketing spend: With Viral Baap’s consultation and services you are ready run the industry marathon. Our Digital Marketing Strategy will show a good percentage increase in ROI on marketing spend.
How we create value?
While working for a product and web applications development company we used analytics (Heat Maps specifically) to figure out that users visiting the website would search specifically for their “Resources” section. In this case one can sit and plan an entire new strategy or try a AB testing - for example - the link be added in the main navigation. We performed the second option. With such a small change we measured an increase in pageviews and engagement as a number of viewers who were coming to the website started going to the Resources section. Since there was a lead capturing mechanism already placed on some pages of the resources section the leads increased.

Why Choose us?
Viral Baap offers the best SEO Services in Gurugram, Noida, Delhi, India with an expert team specializing in these techniques, creating effective strategies for your business and helping you boost your sales effectively. We are one of the leading Search Engine Marketing companies in Gurugram. Our team takes care of all Search Engine Optimization related services with effectiveness and result oriented approach. We understand Social Media Management is also closely related to SEO effectiveness and we monitor online presence on Social media and also take care of your online reputation through ORM. Showcasing your brand on the first page of Google or Bing, on top of competition is a dream come true. It generates more leads for your business and a positive ROI. Such an exercise also positions your brand in the minds of your customers.

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