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With close to 4 billion pairs of eyeballs prying newsfeeds on different social media platforms everyday, it has become imperative that brands leverage this cost effetive medium to their advantage. Be it simply brand awareness, engaging with the potential customer, generating leads, driving traffic to a website or effecting sales/conversions, social media has become the media of choice for all brands and businesses to thrive. It takes three to tango, when it comes to your social media campaign shooting through the roof!

Viral Baap's experienced digital marketing team makes sure all 3 bases are covered and you get a bang for your buck for all your social media efforts. Driven by its experience and acumen of reaching out to a target group on social media, our team yielded the following mind-blowing results.

Brand Reach

7,00,000 people on Facebook @ INR 0.09/person


1,34,000 Facebook likes @ INR 1.23 per like

Video Views

Garnered video views @ INR 0.07 per view on FB


Website traffic @ INR 3.70/click which led to a 17.3% conversion rate

Lead Generation

Acquired leads @ INR 84.20/lead of which 32.57% converted

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Viral Baap delivers digital marketing driven by our inbound ideology to enable companies to grow. Our content-centric approach coupled with the power of influencers, guided by the inbound ideology and leveraging a sound tech backbone provides the ideal platform for our clients to build brands that'll stand the test of time.

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